Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dillon Mornings

Every morning on school days Hannah and I pretty much have the same routine. Get up, Get dressed, Get Breakfast, Get washed up, Get on the bus!! She is usually seamless at this. Hannah likes things the same. Dillon and I are a different story. I never know if it is a lightsabre duel morning or a Curious George morning. Sometimes its a hide under the covers and find me morning. Today it's how many different creatures can I make with my new Ben 10 toys. All while new kitty Boots sits and watches every move he makes. They love each other. He drives her nuts, but every morning she just has to see what he is doing, or snuggle with him while he watches a favorite show. We are often late for pre-school because he is having so much fun in morning pajama time that getting dressed for school is just not a priority. That also includes breakfast. Which is usually "eggs and toast please mommy, can I crack the egg?" Always an adventure, mornings with Dillon

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